What's new in 2019?


  • For those racers from the Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society (LNBS), this race is sanctioned.
  • For Unmodified entries (Class A), elapsed time will be measured against course length, with maximum allowed speed of 26 mph (absolute OEM top speed for 9.8-9.9 hp motors)
  • PRIZE $$$$$$!
  • For Super Modified and Unmodified prize $ is as follows: 
    • First  $550.00
    • Second  $300.00
    • Third $150.00
  • Entry fee is $250.00 for Unmodified (Fundraiser race) and $75.00 for the Super Modified race.
  • Novice race of Class B boats. Anyone can race if they are 16 or over and are familiar with outboards. No entry fee. Requires approved lifejacket/vest.


  • Breakfast in the Park will be by donation
  • Kids activities no charge