2018 Race Rules

A bath tub at least 48” (122 cm) long and 12” (30 cm) deep. The rim of the tub must be visible above any decking.

Tubs can be real or constructed from a mold using fibreglass etc, but it must resemble a bathtub.

General Rules

1. All bathtub pilots must be a minimum of 16 years of age. All skippers and crew must sign a waiver form, and those under 19 years of age must have their parents or guardian sign the race entry form.
2. All pilots must wear a Transport Canada/CSA approved personal floatation device. In addition, a protective helmet is strongly recommended. This could be a motorcycle, skiing, hockey, etc., type of helmet.
3. All motorized bath tubs muse be equipped with a kill switch safety lanyard. The lanyard must be attached to the body of the pilot, and no longer that 125cm (approx. 4 feet) in length. The safety lanyard must be able to kill the engine from any angle within the boat. If your motor does not already have one, they are easily and cheaply installed.
4. All pilots must attend a pre-race safety meeting. If a pilot misses the meeting he/she will not be allowed to race.
5. Motors must be less than 10 hp, and must be stock. No mechanical alteration (the winning boats may be inspected for compliance), maximum 9″ pitch prop. Exceptions will be made for pre-1997 Class A OMC motors to have a 10″ pitch due to their lower RPM rating. Class B motors have no pitch limitation. Motors must be “stick” steered.  Motors must NOT be started until the skipper is in the vessel.
6. Bathtub craft must have ample flotation to prevent sinking if swamped. Bathtub craft must have a secure towing point on the bow. Bathtubs should be of a light or bright colour, easily visible from a distance. Fuel tanks must be secured.
7. A signal flag will be provided to each bathtub to use if you experience trouble and require assistance. The Summerland Yacht Club will have escort boats on the lake to assist you if required. Please do not bring your own escort boat.
8. Standard rules of right-of-way prevail. Except for the start of the race, please stay at least 5 meters away from other vessels. Please be aware that this race is being run in a public place and other boats including water skiers and fishermen may be present on the course. All care must be taken to avoid collisions and excessive wake close to these other users of the area.
9. In the spirit of good sportsmanship no swearing, fighting, abusive behavior or consumption of drugs or alcohol will be tolerated and such actions will result in the immediate disqualification from the race. Any action which endangers other boaters, or spectators, will result in disqualification.

The Course

For all races. the course is The Great Ogopogo Bathtub Race Circuit, starting at Powell Beach. The race will be 8-10 circuits (depending on weather) of just over 2 miles each. Racers will start on a floating start line just off the beach, and finish by landing on the beach and making their way to the finish signal.